About Us

Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

Below Zero Christmas!!!


No way that we can give you a Below 0Ls Xmas, but I think 0Ls will bring enough satisfaction for everyone. Each Link leads to specific SLURL locations in the mall. Without further ado, here is an updated list of the Super Cheap, the Dollarbies, and the famous ZERO Lindens of Soken Mall.

Dressing Darlings [Click Me To Visit This Location]

Dressing Darlings [Click Me To Visit This Location]

Oliver's - CK Tots [Click Me To Visit This Location]

Etinceler [Click Here To Visit This Location]

LipWear [Click Here To Visit This Location]

Trip Gear [Click Me To Visit This Location]

Shapes N Stuff [Click Me To Visit This Location]

VINC [Click Here To Visit This Location]

McKidz [Click Here To Visit]

Spots N Dots [Click Here To Visit]

ARDY MESH [Click Here To Visit]

Tender Hugs [Click Here To Visit]

Marbles Kids Store [Click Here To Visit]

The 4 Suns [Click Here To Visit]

ADZ [Click Here To Visit]

Candy Luvs Fashion [Click Here To Visit]

Candy Luvs Fashion [Click Here To Visit]

Soken Baby Expo


Baby Blink Fever
[S.K.] Baby Blink Fever YABUSAKA MESH

-Blink Zip Up Sweater
-Sweater Hoodie
-182 Design Jeans
-Jeans cuffs
-Checkered Stud Belt
-Matching Studded Collar
-Matching Checkered Wrist Band
-Cool Sneaker Shoes
-Scripted & Animated Pacifier

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HKE Rascal Baby

HKE Tshirt
Zipped Jeans
Jeans Cuffs
Sneaker Shoes
Arm Bands
Put Your own Photo Dog Tag

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Baby Neko Hazard

 [SK] Baby Neko Hazard YABUSAKA MESH

-neko hazard shirt
-cool jeans
-striped belt
-neck clasp
-neko beanie w/ Hair (different color hairs)
-neko print pacifier / binky (Scripted & Animated)
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I Work Out Yabu Baby Animated Mesh
[S.K.] I Work Out Yabusaka Baby Animated MESH

-Animated Mesh Tank Top
-Baggy Sweatpants / Cargo
-Plaid sneaker shoes
-Cotton Arm Bands
-Open Cap Visor
-Scripted & Animated Pacifier

Baby Neko Playa

 [SK] Baby Neko Playa YABUSAKA MESH

-Grungy Heart Tee
-Ripped Up Jeans
-Black Ugg Boots
-Studded Belt
-Twitching Neko Tail
-Studded Love Collar
-Matching Love Chain Bracelet
-Neko Ears
-Love Pacifier / Binky (Scripted & Animated)

Super Baby Mario
[SK] Baby Super Mario YABUSAKA MESH

-Mario Shirt
-Straight Jeans
-Jeans Cuffs
-Sneaker Shoes
-Scripted Animated Pacifier
-Matching Backpack
-Baseball Cap

Treasures in Soken Mall


There are so many gifts and treasures in Soken Mall for everyone to enjoy. They are hidden in hot spots for you to find. So in order to make this easier for everyone I've made a visual guide. ^_^ Ahh how nice i am to my store renters hehehe. Kidding. There are boys and girls clothing (including mesh clothing), CK Tots and Yabusaka clothing, toys and furniture, gestures and animations, shapes skins and hairs too! VISIT US NOW!

Amy's Gesture Palace - Music Walkers in Lucky Chair

Amy's Gesture Palace FREE GIFT

Ardy's Mesh - prize always rotates

Candy Luvs Fashion - Free Girls Outfit & Teddy Bear!

Candy Luvs Fashion - Free Clothing in Boards

Dressing Darlings - No Time Limit Slap & Dash Boards

Dressing Darlings - Xmas Gifts in Lucky Chairs

McKidz - Free Cuddle Horsey Plush Toys

McKidz - Sandcastle & Princess Bed in Lucky Chairs

Oliver's - No Time Limit MM Prize Board

Tender Hugs - Mesh Jeans in MM Board

The 2 Suns - No Time Limit Prize Board

VINC - Cute Giraffe in Midnight Mania Board

Buglets - Yabusaka Baby & CK Tots Dresses

Capture This - Lucky Board & Lucky Chair

Marbles Kids - Mesh Toybox in MM Board

Tina's Corner - No Time Limit Prize Boards

Trip Gear - FREE GIFT

Trip Gear - Ouchie Bandaid Dollarbie

TT's Gestures - FREE Gesture

Dont miss out on ANY of these awesome gifts that our dear creators have prepared for you! Come visit us and collect them now. CLICK HERE TO VISIT.

Soken Kids Mesh Makeover


Here are a few examples of my new rigged mesh clothing collection. Each outfit comes with a working scripted wrist watch, each exclusively designed, following SL time. Also, I'm giving out FREE mesh shirts inworld so everyone can wear them and check fitting. All alpha layer combinations are provided for free. ^_^ Enjoy and visit us HERE.