About Us

Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

More of WGS!


I've been meaning to make these for a while, and so glad that I finally got around to them! More to the WGS collection, change it up a bit from casual summer autumn styles to a more prep school-ish looking uniforms with dress shoes and scarf. My favorite dark-haired twins Cole and Bug did a fine job modeling them for me. So when the weather outside is frightful, and the knitted wool and dress pants sound delightful- think of these! Check them out here in Marketplace!

Brand New Mesh Dresses!


Britain's got a new prince! A good friend McKenzie and I followed the recent events closely, betting on whether the new member of the royal family would be a girl or a boy. He bet on a girl, and I bet a boy- thus the losing party had to wear a dress this morning for losing the bet! Oh the glorious sensation of winning bets! Thank you, baby boy!!!

Even though seeing Mckenzie in a new dress brings much joy and humor to my morning, what I really want to talk about is the dress he's wearing. Out of all the dresses he could have chosen to spend his drag morning, getting in touch with his feminine sensibilities, he chose the Cute Monsta dress that I've recently made- which is sooo sweet of him! I felt bad and got myself to wear a girl skirt and girl shirt as well. So we ended up dragging together this morning. "Where's the picture, Diiego?" you might ask- heh no! No picture of drag-queen-me available for eyes to see! *sticks out tongue*

However, I did make about 37 dresses and I can show you my personal favorites. I attempted to make different styles to cater to all the kid girl avatars out there. We've got punk selections, plaids, flowers, kawaii fashion, even muted colors and vintage collections. My goal is to make these dresses cute enough for playing in the park, going to school, and attending picnics. However, I also wanted them to be semi formal looking- for parties and church ceremonies. If you want to get them, visit our main store HERE or get them in Marketplace HERE. So without further ago, I hope you enjoy my dresses!

Celebrating 6000+ Group Members!!!!


Rainbow Loly Overalls PACK (short and long)
Come find it HERE at the free vault...

This free gift is to celebrate & commemorate 6000+ members in our Soken Group, and the numbers are growing still! We are very happy to share this moment with all of our dear Soken Kiddos. Another thousand members is another big milestone. It has been an amazing 4 years with Soken, and we want to show all of our members our appreciation. Let's look forward to even more gifts per thousand members...

We sincerely thank you for being part of Soken!!!

Join Our Inworld Group Here: secondlife:///app/group/30f3784c-0dc8-d498-b4de-213b244f80e4/about

Mesh Tuxedos are Here!!!


Boys we now have mesh tuxedos ready in Marketplace and inworld mainstore! We've all the colors you need to match your formal events! Jackets and slacks are available in white, black, and creme. Vest and tie colors vary to your liking! I know Iris beat me to it with the pop and bang and hurray of the news- but I still love her photo and blog post as always...

Though each tuxedo product have simplified versions of the shoes to match with your suit, the shoes are still sold individually. Sometimes you have your own tuxedos to wear but you need kids formal shoes to match. The shoes are available in white, black, and creme colors. There's glossy and matte versions too. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite tuxes out of a full set of 43 tuxedos for you to choose from...

To see the live displays inworld, visit us HERE in Didake Yume...
To try on the demo, buy it HERE for free...

Introducing a New Friend...


I have spent many days talking to all sorts of customers. I enjoy listening to feedback, good and bad, and learning from what my Soken kiddos have to say. I love to make everyone happy, even though I know that feat is quite impossible. But there is a particular feedback that really made my day, and I want to share with all of you. Introducing a new friend... Abi Huet.

I thought she was so adorable that I had to introduce her in my blog! Above we have Abi cutely posing a picture in her Little Red bow puff dress that she had recently purchased. When I told her that I would blog our conversation, she was so happy that she sent me pictures to accompany the post. This outfit also comes with a red cape and a basket of food- inspired from the store Little Red Riding Hood. Abi's avatar is a SMB kid avatar, which fits the rigged mesh dress perfectly.

So here is how it goes....

Abi: hi :) i just bought your little red bow mesh dress and thought you might like to know it works perfectly with the super mesh brothers mesh avatar i just added it instead of wear it and use the super mesh bros hud you get with the avatar that can hide certain body pasts using the built in alpha changer, you just hide the shoulders and chest  :) i am mentioning this as there is hardly any good mesh clothing for the super mesh bros avatar, i would suspect the same will apply to the boy avatar as well.

Diiego: yay! thank you so much im glad you liked it
Abi: i do i love it, the best mesh yet that fits the avatar

Diiego: thank you! i will post them up
Abi: no problem :) they must add though not wear and hide chest and shoulders on the super mesh bros hud
Diiego: what happens if you wear instead of add?
Abi: it removes the mesh body. add just puts it directly on the mesh body, when you buy the mesh bros mesh avatar it comes with a boy and girl version so i suspect adding with the boys version will work with your boys stuff.

Diiego: oooh i see
Abi: im in your store now if you want to see it actually on, there are no glitches at all.

So I'm glad to have met Abi, and I hope this info will help all of you as well. Thank you Abi!

New Release Sneak Peek!


Boys formal tuxedos! Different colors and designs with shoes included. Full 100% Mesh one piece tuxedos for regular kid avatars only. Don't settle for big and bulky adult tuxedos! Look chic and classy for that special day with your very own kids tux!

New Release Full Perm Meshes!


Each full perm product comes with an easy to use PSD file template. Don't worry about fabric and wrinkles, let us do the hard work! Get your imagination on and design away! Get them right HERE on marketplace.

Monster Motor Race!


What's a 4th of July without the good ol' motor racing? Top winner takes 1000Ls gift card! I did a lot of gift giving today. We had 2000Ls giveaway, 1000Ls gift card prize, and commemorative plaques for all participants of the fair! Our bloggers, DJs, and merchants received a 1prim certificate plaque for great performances, talents, and commitment. So let's end the fair with a roaring race!

We had 8 participants and 4 competitive pairs, and only 1 will take home the prize! Who will it be? The racers must go through tunnels, roadblocks, and exploding crates upon impact toward the finish line! Gears up, helmets on, and let's get ready to rumble!

The race track goes all around the quarter sim, and only 1st gear allowed. Motors can bump and push, even get stuck on roadblocks. There are many colors and styles of motors to choose from, while score keepers watch the checkered finish line very closely for the first motor to pass.

Did you see that? What a close call! At last second, Lulu zoomed past the crates and swerved right in front of David. This round determines which two contestants will fight to win the grand prize. While some get stuck, others fly past them all.

And this time, we see Lulu making that final turn straight towards the finish line with David following close behind. Like her name tag says, she was a shining star indeed.

Thus we reached the grand finale, and our two final contestants mounted their motors. The crowd is cheering, eager to see who will take home that 1000Ls gift card. I was even more eager than everyone while Sunnie and Dammien did an awesome job keeping score, calling up names, and watching the finish line. This is it, everyone! The race that determines everything...

Ready? 3, 2, 1, GO!!!!

Uh oh! The champ Lulu had fallen prey to the unbeatable Brandon Hayek and his green motor! She got stuck right around the bend, allowing Brandon to zoom past her. His flight was smooth and slick, straight towards that checkered finish line!

We all cheered, congratulated, and posed for pictures. Look at me now, with arms up, whooping loud in the crowd. Even Lulu happily congratulated Brandon on his incredible, honest win.

So, congratulations to Brandon Hayek for his great feat in the Monster Motor Race! He brought home the 1000Ls gift card brimming with pride! Our race track with all its galore will still be rezzed in the Didake Yume sim. I invite you all to come and zoom the track, bring your friends with you for a friendly race. Zoom under the tunnel, around the roadblocks, and past the crates- be careful not to get stuck! Come over HERE and try it out yourself. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!