About Us

Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

New Dresses!


Click HERE to see them in Marketplace!

In a Nerdy World


Hey all nerd stuffs! Made a new nerdy dress, all shoes and accessories & props included. Check it out HERE in Marketplace.



I was going for something more elegant today. I've been getting feedback that cutesy is nice but I should try something elegant. So here it is and I've named it Sayuri. It's a full single outfit with shoes and accessories. Click HERE to get them in Marketplace.

Two More Dresses for you!


Ok guys, we got to clarify this once and for all, lol. I am a male, and there is nothing wrong with a fella liking pink! Don't hurt my man pride here guys ^_^ In fact I love pink so much, I invented pink! Pink is my middle name, so here is my Pretty in Pink. <3

Now, I'm glad we got that over with LOL! I've been referred to as a "she" so many times, I can't react any other way but blush.. D: So I've been getting this sweet tooth for a while. I start munching on ring pops and various candies from time to time. After I made this dress, I figured it's about time I do something about my sweet tooth before I put on some more pounds...

I considered calling in candy cane, puff candy, sweet tooth, sugar rush... but I settled for Flower Candy. I hope you girls like it! Click this link HERE and HERE to get these dresses in Marketplace.

Hanayo Chan!

Tis a season for flowers and sunshine. So behold the Hanayo collection. Hana means flowers, so I think its befitting the season lol.

I realize that it may not be summer and spring for all of you in different parts of the world. But you can't feel weather in SL so it'll look pretty on you anyway. The dress comes with all shoes and accessories, click HERE to get them in Marketplace!


Soken Has Moved!


Because we care, listen, and hate the lag in Gadgets as much as you do- we decided to move to a bigger better place! Come check out our new beautiful sim and mainstore HERE!

Did you know about our beloved free vault? We have a collection of free gifts for new children avatars and our group members as appreciation for your support! Well now our free vault actually looks like a vault!

Of Mesh & Mom...


Mother's Day special! Show your mommy how much you love her today. Surprise her at sunrise with your Mommy's Little One pajamas or at the breakfast table with I Love Mom overalls. You got dressed all by yourself to show your banner of love for mommy right on your outfit.

Cafe Princess


New dress out instore and in Marketplace. Full outfit with shoes and accessories. I'm reminded of this Korean drama Cafe Prince, so I made Cafe Princess. Come get one HERE!

Diamantes Pastel


Mhm, it's free.
Yeah, it's for regular kids avatars.
Yup, it's mesh.
Get em HERE.

System Overdrive


I was working on these dresses today and my computer said System Overdrive... an omen? Maybe it's telling me that I should take a break and sleep. Anyway, its about Summer / Spring for most of you so I made bright Kokoro dresses. Kokoro = Heart. They came out straight from my heart! Awwww.... .... ...

Uhm, so, the outfits come with these matching flats shoes, oogly-eyed hearts glasses, beaded bracelets, and SLT working watch clock. Each colors have unique accessories to them, not just the same template and different colors. No, I'm not that lazy. LOL.

The names of each dress have meanings I handpicked to match the color combinations of the dresses. See, I'm not that neglectful to you girls! If you are twins or have siblings, you can all wear them together and be an adorable bunch. =P

To All the Girls...

Yes, yes... don't laugh. It is my first attempt in making a girl's outfit. I'm trying, ok? xD So earlier this week I got a very convincing note from a certain girl who was devastated that my Harry Potter uniforms did not include the girl's version. She wanted to know why, and how it was unfair. I felt bad, okay? So I'm dedicating my time to the honestly devoted girl members of Soken. I'm not very good at making girls clothing, but here it is! Fully rigged mesh dress for regular kid / teen avatars. I even set up in the platform shoes and bow headbands / bandanas.

It is a plain collection, sweet simplicity. But I wanted to make an Alice dress, since I love the latest Tim Burton's movie with Johnny Depp singing his wacko version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star....yeah... YEaaahh.... Anyway, here are the close ups!

Wizard Rumble


To satiate our Hogwarts obsession, we decided to make the full Harry Potter movie uniforms! Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. If you're a die hard fan as we are, or if you'd like to wear a kickass, realistic costume, this is for you. There's a wand? Yeah, mate, of course there's a wand! Ollivader's finest animated wand too!

The Whole ShaBang!!!