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Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

illegal distribution of Soken full perm meshes


Dear friends and customers:

I have recently learned that someone has been passing out our full perm mesh products without my consent. This is not only a violation of our license agreement but also a violation to the Linden Lab TOS: resulting in dire consequences.

This will not be tolerated and a full investigation is underway. I keep track of everyone that has legally obtained our Full perm products.

I find this to be insulting and disrespectful to all of the designers that have bought them and work as hard as I do to promote their business. This leads me to take some new measures for the future and I will not be releasing any Full perm bundle until this gets resolved.

If you have obtained ANY of our full perm products without paying for them (user to user), I urge you to remove them from your stores and marketplace before I find out on my own.

If you are caught Selling ANY of our full perm mesh without a license you will be:

*Reported to Linden Lab immediately.
*A DMCA Claim filed against you.
*You will be sued and charges will filed against you.
*You will be banned from all Didake Estates and affiliated Locations.

Furthermore I will offer Cash rewards of 3000L to whomever tells me who obtained our mesh illegally or distributing them illegally without my consent. if your tip results to be true, you'll have your Lindens cash in hand.

If you HAVE any of our full perm mesh and you are reading this, Congratulations! you just became a 3000L lottery ticket.

Thank you to all my friends and Associates for your continued support.

Diiego Levane
Owner and Designer
Soken Kids Mesh
Soken Kids TD

Spring Break - Hunt Path!


In this hunt, you're looking for a VIP Pass Ticket. You can also look at the hunt board and see the ticket. I would like to give thanks to BabyGirl Crazyboi and Iris Menna for being such awesome organizers of this hunt. The 2014 Spring Break Hunt starts at Soken Kids Mesh store in Didake Yume sim. Each prim has a LM inside leading to the next store of the hunt. But if you get stuck, come back to this blog and click on a Store Number for SLURL to next store.

Click here to see some hunt prizes.

You can also join the official hunters & vendors group for help and chat, keep yourself updated on future hunts and updates. Follow these instructions inworld...
Didake Sims Hunts Group - Open your Local Chat Window and click on the following link to join: secondlife:///app/group/f18b7f26-29b2-cff2-f77a-e12bf4512d77/about


Please Note: This hunt begins on March 8th

Store #01 SLURL |  Hint: Great feet take you to great places!

Store #02 SLURL |  Hint: I Mustache you a question

Store #03 SLURL |  Hint: A needle in a haystack ....

Store #04 SLURL |  Hint: Can you play me a memory?

Store #05 SLURL |  Hint: I come in slices!

Store #06 SLURL |  Hint: Sometimes I just need an extra hand.

Store #07 SLURL |  Hint: Oh girls just wanna have fun- and wear skirts!

Store #08 SLURL |  Hint:
Follow the stars and climb the tree.
There is a Wonderland for you to see
Go past the forest where the bears all sleep
Quiet! past the nursery'
don't make a peep.
Across the bridge
Mini will greet you with love.
The man and kitty in the moon
and stars above.
.Sometimes the smallest things
take up the most room.
This is where you need to zoom.
Bee's and honey for you to share
Getting weary?
Please take a chair.
Look behind where you are sitting now
you will find it there.
Please take a bow.

Store #09 SLURL |  Hint: warm spring days call for cool, BLUE water in the back yard

Store #10 SLURL |  Hint: A Vip Pass is very precious, i hid mine in my pink bedroom

Store #11 SLURL |  Hint: Spring break? Goodbye school uniform, hello pajamas!

Store #12 SLURL |  Hint: Piggy is watching over

Store #13 SLURL |  Hint: Look Inside The Shop (small store)

Store #14 SLURL |  Hint: Go ahead, and ignore them signs.  Be your bad little self and show tha world this alley is YOURS!


Store #16 SLURL |  Hint: Da Boom de Boom went boom all day, till momma went a buggin and had ta say, 'Child... I love you so, you know it's true, but I'm about ta catch you and find tha MUTE!'

Store #17 SLURL |  Hint: I might be slimy, I might be slow, but I'm perfect for storing notecards in.

Store #18 SLURL |  Hint: Is that a dead body?

Store #19 SLURL |  Hint: The gift is hidden in the area you might find the serious gamers hanging out.

Store #20 SLURL |  Hint: "It would be super to go to a concert"

Have fun hunting and play nice!

Spring Break Hunt: Photo Preview

Kids! What are you doing this Spring Break? Whether you're drawing, playing music, getting new toys, wading in the pool, or getting a new wardrobe, this hunt is for you! Lots of talented designers of The Kid Grid are collaborating to give you the best of the best. Here's some photo previews of what they've got to offer...


Sorry for the late start, but here we go!

Thank you to the wonderful participating stores:
Dream On
Marbles Kids Toy's & Stuff
Little Minders
Tina's Space
Soken Kids Mesh
Soken Toddleedoo
Tottyz 4 Kidz
Totsipop / Growing Up
Little Nest
Vicarious Youth
ND/MD Cuties
Beyond Dreams
Nightmare Designs

Welcome to our second seasonal Didake Sims Hunts! For returning designers, welcome back and good to have you again. We had a little delay, but here we are going and hunting! We appreciate your support and participation.