About Us

Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

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TD Mesh Cargo Mini Shorts


This is my favorite rigged mesh that I've done so far. I hope you all enjoy wearing them as I did making them. It is fully detailed with clasps, belt, pockets, and boxers. Each designs have realistic multiple fabrics; cargo campers and denim jeans, metallic buckles and cotton boxers... so much detail! The design varieties include camo and army patterns, plain denim and cute girly jeans. Here is a sneak peak of my favorite designs!


New Misthaven & Misthaven Creek


It's a great day at Misthaven. Beautiful homes available now, we can fit any budget. Come check us out while you still can! Visit us HERE.

Misthaven is connected to the Kid Grid; there's access to malls and our beloved Sunstrider Valley School. Live here and have your kids picked up for school.

The possibilities are endless! We are long lasting, established, quiet and peaceful.

Great family friendly place with lots of role play. Live, love, enjoy and have fun!
Contact us in world if you are interested.

Have you visited the Kid Grid today? We are a 10 sims community, made by kids and for kids. Live in Misthaven, adopt a family at NGI Adoption Agency, send your kids off to school at Sunstrider Valley. Want to shop and have a good time? We have gatcha and collaboration events, as well shopping malls to visit. Visit Koolaid Drinkers club and Chronos club for music and dancing. Have a weekend camping trip at the Soggy Padding Camp full role play sim with your family. There are lots to do here. Come visit and find out why we are the right place for you!

Woodland Gatcha @ The Kid Grid

My dear friends and family of the Kid Grid

It is my greatest pleasure to announce a newcomer to our community. She has worked so hard and deserves it more than anyone. After a whole long year, we believe it is time that she has her own sim to call home. Welcome to the Kid Grid: Woodland Treasures! Isabella is very excited to join our community and I am sure she will make the Woodland Treasures thrive on its own sim. This will allow her to have more designers in her gatcha event, meaning more creators to come together in the united purpose of creation.

As a designer, I am greatly honored to have my beloved Isabella in the Kid Grid. It is a great opportunity for other designers too, having an amazing event that pulls a lot of people each month. Isabella is amazing at what she does and I am sure she will make this new sim look amazing as well. The Woodland Treasures sim is right next to our Toddleedoo sim, Didake Etsuko, with Koolaid Drinkers Club, ATLT event, and Soken Kids TD nextdoor. It is also neighbored to our new Sunstrider Valley School sim.

I am very honored to have you here with us, and I am looking forward to great things to come. Come visit the Woodland Treasures sim HERE at the Kid Grid!

We Have a New School!

I’m feeling incredibly ecstatic! I’m on a roller coaster that keeps going up and up. It has been a great struggle and hard work, and my dream is becoming realized. My very first sim was Didake Yume; yume meaning to dream. I had a dream that one day the kid community will come together as one. Boys and girls, of all sizes and affiliations. I had a dream that one day we would become a warm, welcoming, and peaceful community where we would help each other.

But I do not intend to keep up with the Joneses. I do not aim for glamour and popularity, but for integrity, equality, and harmony. A place where we respect everyone; new and old accounts alike. A place where everyone has a part to play. For we are all human behind our pixels and we deserve to be loved, respected, and accounted for.

It has been a great honor, not only for the Kid Grid to be acknowledged and recognized by the Lindens, but to have Sunstrider Valley Elementary and High School as a part of the Kid Grid. To quote my beloved character Albus Dumbledore, help will always be given at the Kid Grid to those who ask for it. But most importantly, help will always be given at the Kid Grid to those who deserve and appreciate it.

I am proud to sponsor a good and peaceful school, where all is welcome and all is equal. A school that takes our core values to heart. A school capable of accepting and respecting all, instead of demanding them of others. Without further ado, welcome Sunstrider Valley to The Kid Grid.

Check out the school at Didake Higashi sim!