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Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

The Winter Solstice Hunt Vendors


Thank you to all the participating vendors:
Soken Kids Mesh
Marbles Kids Stuff / Pufferbillies Toys
Lil PunkZ
Little Nest
Tottyz 4 Kids
 Tayler Made 4 Toddlers
Little Ones Couture & Kibas
Qet Alqmar
ND/MD Kids-R-Us
Beyond Dreams
Soken Kids TD

The Winter Solstice - Hunt Path!


In this hunt, you're looking for a green pine tree. You can also look at the hunt board and see the tree. I would like to give thanks to BabyGirl Crazyboi and Dammienthorn for being such awesome organizers of this hunt. The 2013 Winter Solstice Hunt starts at Soken Kids Mesh store in Didake Yume sim. Each prim has a LM inside leading to the next store of the hunt. But if you get stuck, come back to this blog and click on a Store Number for SLURL to next store.

Click here to see some hunt prizes.

You can also join the official hunters & vendors group for help and chat, keep yourself updated on future hunts and updates. Follow these instructions inworld...
Didake Sims Hunts Group - Open your Local Chat Window and click on the following link to join: secondlife:///app/group/f18b7f26-29b2-cff2-f77a-e12bf4512d77/about


Please Note: This hunt begins on December 21th

Store #01 SLURL |  Hint: Warm snuggly and cozy in my jackets.

Store #02 SLURL |  Hint: what a wonderful life

Store #03 SLURL |  Hint: I hide behind a sofa, the one that girls like more

Store #04 SLURL |  Hint: One, two, three - BING!

Store #05 SLURL |  Hint: Withdrawn

Store #06 SLURL |  Hint:
Boys and girls you can bounce so high,
jump over the rooftops and touch the sky;
But first you will need Rudolph's guiding nose.
Where is he hiding? Only Santa Claus knows.
Look up high ,then climb your way.
Rudolph is waiting for some kids to play.

Store #07 SLURL |  Hint: ....We all have one every year!

Store #08 SLURL |  Hint: Withdrawn

Store #09 SLURL |  Hint: Where the boys suit up!

Store #10 SLURL |  Hint:
A gnome and a robot seemed to disagree,
They said I should take a rope up a tree!
I asked them why, what will I see?
They said to the north a beast there will be,
I beast I cried, I'd much rather flee!
said they: look in it's mouth there's a present for thee!

Store #11 SLURL |  Hint: Look near the Vendor

Store #12 SLURL |  Hint: Our Cutie Boo loves Xmas trees

Store #13 SLURL |  Hint: NO HINT - but its somewhere in the store :D

Store #14 SLURL |  Hint: It may not be snowing here, but it is the 'right' place for me!


Store #16 SLURL |  Hint: A dolly must have dropped it

Have fun hunting!

The Winter Solstice Hunt Prizes!

Click Here to see the hunt path.
Just some of the great prizes you'll find along the way...



MyANIMATION made this video in our TD store, I am so proud that they chose our place to shoot the video and wore our clothes on the video!! Thank you so much Ramona Criss, and dont forget to check out her animation studio!! they are kickass!! 

MyANIMATION Inworld Store

Winter Solstice Hunt!


Upcoming hunt event! Coordinated by our very own Dammienthorn Resident and BabyGirl Crazyboi. Come one come all!

More Hunt Gifts!


Naughty List Hunt

Christmas Jingles Hunt

Letters To Santa Event!

Dear Santa,

I would love for my beloved Soken kiddos and toddlers to have anything they want this Xmas. I truly appreciate the support and love they have given our store throughout the year. So this Xmas I wish upon a star to bestow upon 40 children anything they ask for from Soken stores. 40 children and 40 items given out free of charge. (full perms not included)

With much love,

Are you broke with empty pockets this Xmas? Not adopted and want something free? Come visit Soken Kids Mesh and Soken Kids TD stores to pick ONE item that you really want for Xmas. Your item can be anything inside the stores. List the complete name of your item inside a notecard created by you. Include your full Second Life name (NOT display name) and tell us why you want that item. Please specify if you're a Toddleedoo, SMB or a standard SL child avatar. Easy right?

Didake Yume
Didake Etsuko
Enter your Notecard inside one of the mailboxes parked outside the stores. Only place one time to one mailbox. If you requested a TD item, place your notecard inside the Didake Etsuko mailbox. If you request a big kids item, place your notecard inside the Didake Yume mailbox. You may only request for yourself, not for other avatars. But bring along your friends and family to come and create their letters to Santa too! Full perms products are not included in this offer.

On Xmas day we will empty the mailboxes and pick 20 random notecards from each store to grant their precious wishes. 20 Toddleedoo gifts and 20 big kids gifts will be sent out. That's a total of 40 hopeful children that will receive the item of their choosing as a Xmas present, free of charge.

Come visit us now and happy writing!