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Monster Motor Race!


What's a 4th of July without the good ol' motor racing? Top winner takes 1000Ls gift card! I did a lot of gift giving today. We had 2000Ls giveaway, 1000Ls gift card prize, and commemorative plaques for all participants of the fair! Our bloggers, DJs, and merchants received a 1prim certificate plaque for great performances, talents, and commitment. So let's end the fair with a roaring race!

We had 8 participants and 4 competitive pairs, and only 1 will take home the prize! Who will it be? The racers must go through tunnels, roadblocks, and exploding crates upon impact toward the finish line! Gears up, helmets on, and let's get ready to rumble!

The race track goes all around the quarter sim, and only 1st gear allowed. Motors can bump and push, even get stuck on roadblocks. There are many colors and styles of motors to choose from, while score keepers watch the checkered finish line very closely for the first motor to pass.

Did you see that? What a close call! At last second, Lulu zoomed past the crates and swerved right in front of David. This round determines which two contestants will fight to win the grand prize. While some get stuck, others fly past them all.

And this time, we see Lulu making that final turn straight towards the finish line with David following close behind. Like her name tag says, she was a shining star indeed.

Thus we reached the grand finale, and our two final contestants mounted their motors. The crowd is cheering, eager to see who will take home that 1000Ls gift card. I was even more eager than everyone while Sunnie and Dammien did an awesome job keeping score, calling up names, and watching the finish line. This is it, everyone! The race that determines everything...

Ready? 3, 2, 1, GO!!!!

Uh oh! The champ Lulu had fallen prey to the unbeatable Brandon Hayek and his green motor! She got stuck right around the bend, allowing Brandon to zoom past her. His flight was smooth and slick, straight towards that checkered finish line!

We all cheered, congratulated, and posed for pictures. Look at me now, with arms up, whooping loud in the crowd. Even Lulu happily congratulated Brandon on his incredible, honest win.

So, congratulations to Brandon Hayek for his great feat in the Monster Motor Race! He brought home the 1000Ls gift card brimming with pride! Our race track with all its galore will still be rezzed in the Didake Yume sim. I invite you all to come and zoom the track, bring your friends with you for a friendly race. Zoom under the tunnel, around the roadblocks, and past the crates- be careful not to get stuck! Come over HERE and try it out yourself. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!


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