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Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

Full Perm Kids Mesh w/ PSD Templates


Hello Soken kiddos and visiting guests! In the past couple of months I've been getting requests for full perm meshes. Some want rigged mesh clothing already made in Soken, and others requested custom ones to be freshly made. So I've decided to put out some full perm meshes in Marketplace and inworld! 

In the spirit of contributing to the SL kids community and helping out creators / builders out there, I find that it will make the process a lot easier if I provide multi layered PSD templates along with the full perm meshes. I know how it feels to tear your hairs out striving to design and texture clothing, especially meshes. I've been there ranting to myself, muttering listlessly, and banging my head on my screen as well! So each product comes with a ready to design, easy to use template with fabrics, colors, shadows and wrinkles already set up for you. I hope it will help creators out there to learn faster, save time and mental exhaustion, and to focus more on creativity!

See Preview pictures below & check them out HERE in Marketplace.


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