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Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

Didake Etsuko - Toddleedoo Toyland Town


Once upon a time, on a beautiful Aurora night, we heard a loud BOOM that shook our Didake Yume sim. The frightening boom followed with a crack and a creek, and a pungent smell of smoke. We climbed to tippiest toppest tallest of trees to spy towards the source of the commotion. The sight that we witnessed were far too marvelous for regular kids like us. There was a jet rocket that crashed into an enormous pot of exotic giant flowers. There were funny looking technical family of robots high up in the sky.

So we ventured closer... and closer... towards the bright aurora lights. To our surprise, there lay a brand new sim called Didake Etsuko. The mysterious land is docked right next to our land, and the closer we got, the brighter the light until it blinded our eyes. On the side of the road there were warning signs, telling us to proceed with caution. The molecule trees were exotic, the toys were ginormous, the toys were colorful... and the children were incredibly small! We concluded that this is a magical land of other dimension.

We thought this was an incredible finding, and we were ready to tell everyone. But something incredible happened. We got shorter, and shorter, then shrunk so far that the ground seemed too close to our face. What is this happening to us? "OH?" said a booming loud voice. "Welcome to Etsuko Toyland Town- you've become new Toddleedoo citizens!" Toddleedoo???

Large characters and small people- what a combination! We became so small that we crawled on the ground. We knew it! This land is magical.

We were greeted by a pink unicorn with a beach ball. Mario and Luigi waved at us. Dumbo and Curious George were flying on a hot air balloon! Do you see what I see? Oh My!

We were  astounded by the colors of this town. The trees had faces, the grass had stars, and the creatures were happy and smiling! We saw costumes, toys, cute clothing, light up carnival rides, free gifts and sales items. How could there be so many beautiful items for sale? How could there be so many toys and gadgets up for grab? Every corner we turned there were wondrous sights to see. Since we were so small, we wandered around for what seemed like forever! What more can there be?

Past the blue balloon doggie guarding the large Soken TD mansion with the flowerpot roof, a captivating light caught our eye. We couldn't help ourselves but to gaze and come closer. "No, Dont!" One of us cried. "Look at the wolves, the scary lanterns, and the spider webs!!!" But we could no longer hear for we already passed the gate and the light enveloped us. It was warm and beautiful! We would have stayed there forever, but fortunately the sound of distant music nullified the captivating magic of the lights.

A club? YES a club! So that's where everyone was. It was clear where the distant music came from- it was a bustling party! A red Kool-aid jug smiled and us and welcomed us in. The music was great and the people were kind. "Welcome to the Koolaid Drinkers club," said a little Toddleedoo named Ashlie. "Would you like some Kool-aid?" said another Toddleedoo called Chelsea. OMIGOSH! What is this? They're twins! We drank Kool-aid and had much fun!

After the party...

We saw the big Jack-in-the-box launched up into the sky. Am I just woopsie from the party, or is that really Jack? We all see it too, and Jack smiled down at us. 

 As tired and small as we were, there was no way we could turn down playground fun! Us kids LOVE playgrounds, and Toddleedoos love them more. But don't worry, we were supervised alright! The bunny on the blue chair watched over us, making sure that we all played nicely. 

The sun was apparently setting, and the sky soon would turn dark. We must now return to Didake Yume and turn back to our regular selves. Our journey was coming to an end. The sweet dolly with three lollipops waved good bye at us. "Thank you for your visit, come back soon!" she said sweetly. "But be careful on your way home, let me call you a train shuttle!" And soon enough... we heard a Hisssssss. A purple train shuttle stopped to pick us up and bring us back home.


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