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Fly Me to the Moon...


We have been absolutely completely obsessed with our collection of airplanes lately. Well okay... it's mostly me that plunged into the depths of obsession. I know, I know... its very unlike me since I'm such a workaholic. But I've been working so hard, I deserve it!

It all started with a little blue plane. Then come about 5 more planes. Then we flew over hundreds of sims, and into the Hollywood International Airport.

Right now, 10 planes later in life, I got this amazing jumbo sized Boeing 787. It's tremendously huge... did I mention it's ginormous? I don't know if ginormous is a real word, but if it is, this plane is it! The cabins and cockpit are scripted. All seats come with realistic instruction videos. And there are so many seats!

A pilot MUST have his copilot, so my dear Dammien is my right hand man inside the cockpit. The start-up isn't simple On & Off. It's a realistic, wonderful process.

Look at us! We're right through the windshield!

We fly through so many sims, and the oceans are incredibly vast! We can see all the cool landscape below us. There are beautiful islands and docks down under. We feel like flying up to the moon.

The Hollywood International Airport is our landing destination. It's big enough to fit my Boeing 787. We can hear the rumming of the engine and we go through a checklist making sure the brakes and the flaps are alright. Once we land safe and sound, the baggage loader and the catering truck come to attend to us. Then the adventure starts all over again. We buckle up, turn on the cabin lights, start the engine, and push the throttle. Come fly with us!


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