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Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

The Winter Solstice Hunt Vendors


Thank you to all the participating vendors:
Soken Kids Mesh
Marbles Kids Stuff / Pufferbillies Toys
Lil PunkZ
Little Nest
Tottyz 4 Kids
 Tayler Made 4 Toddlers
Little Ones Couture & Kibas
Qet Alqmar
ND/MD Kids-R-Us
Beyond Dreams
Soken Kids TD


Anonymous said...

Hello. I was looking through your Second Life creations and I just want to say that I absolutely love all the toddler boy creations. They are so perfect! I'm actually a Sims 3 player and I was wondering if it would be okay to convert some of your toddler clothes to Sims 3? It would be for personal use only and I would give you 100% credit. I actually don't know how to convert SL to Sims 3 yet but I'm trying to learn and it would be great to have your work in my game on one of my little boys. You can contact me through email: de.aimee@yahoo.com or through my tumblr blog: narusasu-simblr.tumblr.com (I'm sorry if I bothered you.)

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