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Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

Of Formal and Semi Formal


Something perfect and cute for the just above casual events, like luncheons and brunches, where you want to look formal but not overboard. If you want to dress to impress, check out our new mesh collection- full one piece vest, button up shirt, and straight pants. And you know what new mesh mold means... NEW FREE GIFT!!!

We've released 33 total designs on this mold, varying from blue, beige, brown, and black pants. I've been obsessed with corduroys lately- sorry, I just love em! The collection offers serious, playful, autumn-colored, summer-colored, casual, and femboy styled looks to choose from.

And the biggest thing about this collection is NO MORE LOGOS! I know how much you guys hate logos on mesh clothes, due to that no one can tell who they're made by. However the Phoenix / Firestorm developers enabled the selecting of mesh as if they're prim or sculpt in the latest viewer version. So this is the first released mold without logos. I made Ashen with a slight SK on the chest, stylish embroider yet subtle. But the other designs, as well as future designs, are logo free. Yayyy!

The button up shirt ranges from plain, colored, and plaid. The vests designs have 3 varying texture fabrics to choose from. The pants fabric is smoother and seemingly more expensive fitting such occasions. Unlike the rest of the designs, free gift Ashen has no pants seam lining and vest rims. So without further ado, below are some of my favorite product designs, and you can click HERE to get them in Marketplace.


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