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Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

SL10B Soken Kids Place!


SL10B Event has begun and The Kiddie Park is now officially open! There's lots of fun to see and explore, so come on down and check us out! Sift through The Gallery to learn the origin, memories, and history of Soken. We look back and look forward to a brighter future. Nice surprises are laid out just for you with free gifts to find and collect. Click HERE to visit us now!

|I{•------» THE MEANING BEHIND THE SCENES  «------•}I|

The moving choo choo train keeps going foward, like a journey that never ends. See the buildings passing by, along with the trees and the clouds. At the same time, the train is not really moving at all. It is stuck in the same spot, much like the neverland syndrome. The things around it is a mere illusion. Forever children are, in a way, stuck in time. Some of us truly enjoy the roleplay. To be surrounded by cute toys and bright colors is a pleasant experience. Others yearn to have a second chance in childhood, using second life roleplay to fill the childhood love tanks that were left empty and unattended. Everyone have their own reasons to play a child avatar in SL.

Do Not Touch. Do Not Enter... DON'T DO ANYTHING! Haven't you always been told what to do and what not to do as you grow up? The one thing your parents told you was to stay away from the cookie jar! But it seems to be the first thing you want to do anyway. In RL, you may follow orders all throughout your childhood for disciplining purposes, but now you don't have to! SL is a world to explore, so explore away! Who knows? You may be pleasantly surprised. :)

|I{•------» THE FEATURES OF THE KIDDIE PARK  «------•}I| 

★ The Gallery ★

Soken Kids is a brand of a kids store, founded in 2010. View our Soken Gallery to see all the memories and times we've shared throughout the years. TOUCH each photo board to move on to the next image. You can also see the different mesh clothing that Soken provides for boys, girls, tots & babies.

★ The Entrance Arc ★

Simon says Do Not Touch... What will you do? Step under the arc and try it!

★ The Door ★

What's behind the door? Try to walk through and see, you'll find exclusive SL10B gifts and more! Want to be a kid avatar? Come over and give it a shot for free! Follow us inworld, in marketplace, blogger, facebook & plurk too.

★ The Cloud ★

Find the darkest cloud there is, look up and count the three. But don't stand right under it, your safety is our priority!

★ Your Options ★

Check out the most popular kid / tot / baby avatars available in SL! We come in all shapes and sizes, you can now be as tiny as you want to be. We've come a long way as kid avatars!


In SL, we can be anything we want to be- generally with a touch of common sense. If you are a dragon avatar, are you really a dragon in real life? If you are a vampire avatar, you are most likely not an actual vampire in real life! So being a child avatar does not mean that there is an actual child behind the avatar.

Being a child avatar does not insinuate perverted things. Role playing as a child involve family, school, adoptions, and play. Linden Lab has a strict code of conduct and rules about ageplay. Most of the time, the perversion is inside the mind of the one who judges.

"Child avatars are allowed within Second Life. A child avatar, even within a mature or adult region but not participating in adult activities, is allowed."

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