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Soken is a virtual Second Life store that provides quality boys, girls and teens mesh clothing. Unique original outfits, accessories, toys, skins, bedsets and furniture at affordable prices. Visit us to join our free contests, slap MM boards, and collect our exclusive free gifts! We also provide items for Toddleedoo, Yabu babies and CK Tots.

Looking Back and Looking Foward


We have been constantly mulling over the SLB 10 event coming up, opening day on the 10th of June. Entertaining the idea for our exhibit, we're still stunned that our application was accepted in the first place. As we are excited to begin our build for the exhibit, we started looking at old and new pictures of Soken stores. We started out in 2010 with a very tiny skybox, then into a quarter sim store in Mexico Dreams, and now we've inherited the full sim- Didake Yume. Because it has always been our dream to settle into a sim of our very own.

Journey through the memories with us, into the past of Soken and then back to the future!

 In 2010, the store was simply called Soken Kids, and then Soken Kids Galaxy. The origin of the name Soken was the word "nekos" spelled backwards. The style of the store was more grunge, emo, and punk. The shape of O in the prim-made logo was adorned with neko ears and made into a vortex-like entrance.

It was the second built Soken store, placed in Mexico Dreams. There are no known picture records of the very first skybox Soken store in Malyshkin sim.

It wasn't long until Soken became "Soken Kids Galaxy" since the clothing style and building evolved into an outer space theme. The founders of Soken were fascinated by outer space and galaxies from the very beginning. The Orbital Dome club and Soken Kids Galaxy were working and coexisting hand-in-hand. The pictures below were taken inside the Soken store in early 2011. From left to right: Jason Oberueng, Maximus Lerintzo, & Kezzy Ugimachi.

Soken Kids Galaxy 2011

It wasn't long until Soken grew into Sokenopoly. The store retained the name of Soken Kids Galaxy and the surrounding mall was called Sokenopoly, hence it was cartoony themed while the sidewalk and pavilion area were made of a real Monopoly board that kids can actually play!

Halloween at Sokenopoly
Christmas at Sokenopoly

Soken Halloween 2011

What happened in late 2011, nobody really knew for sure! Some say that the hunts got too real and the Halloween zombies were really infesting the town. Some say radiation caused town folks to die and the nightmare before Christmas became a reality! But the less exaggerated folks of Sokenopoly Town Mall say that the lag down there became too unbearable. Thus the owners of Soken Kids Galaxy and the Sokenopoly Town Mall decided to unite the store with The Orbital Dome Club.

They built a great great great space rocket, and migrated Soken with all its tenants up into space. In 2012, Soken became a full fledged Galaxy.

Soken Halloween 2012

 Halloween is a big deal in Soken, since we were all about bloodbaths and gore. So our third annual Halloween event ought to be big. There was a riot within the hearts of Sokenopoly Town folks, and the scent of revenge was in the air! We swore that we'll take charge of the Millenium Falcon and fly back down to earth to slay the remaining lifeless zombies that raided our town last year!

Soken Kids Mesh 2012

 Soken Kids Mesh started in mid 2012 due to what we call the Mesh Boom. It was also a time when we finally moved on from the space galaxy theme, with the final closing of The Orbital Dome. In late 2012, Soken store moved into a mesh building at a nice, quiet neighborhood in Gadgets sim.

The transition from the sculpts & prims era into the mesh era were gradual. We took a step back and got a hold of the roots of Soken- a boys clothing store. Without Kezzy as an owner of the store, we spent most of our mourning in Gadgets.

Our boys mesh collection grew gradually, and we took time to constantly improve our molds. The store took a drastic makeover- earthy and cozy brown with a touch of bronze. Our clothing style became more casual and we acquired a brand new 3D logo!

Soken Kids Mesh 2013

We hauled through the late April showers of 2013 into two brand new mainstores. With our mesh collection growing, we needed a bigger space to fit the products. It was a brand new summer season and we were determined to finish the moving. We decided to make two identical mainstores in Misthaven Point and then in Didake Yume, our very own inherited sim that used to be Mexico Dreams. The circle has closed and we are back to where we first started.

Misthaven Point Sim

Soken Kids Mesh at Misthaven Point


Didake Yume Sim

Soken Kids Mesh at Didake Yume

Soken Free Vault!


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